Skills Clinics

Ocean Swim Clinics

They were such a hit last season that we have organised a 45min - 60min clinics for our Runners and Ocean Swim series participants. These clinics are run by experienced coaches and will help you get involved in your discipline of choice, or learn new skills and improve your technique.

Important: This is an Ocean Clinic, not a swim clinic and should be able to swim 500m non-stop.


Beginners and intermediates

Sunday 1st November

Beginners and Intermediates  7.30 am to 8.30 am, limited spaces available.



Groups, Social and paid

Most Days 

There are plenty of Groups that you can join, weekdays and weekends, social and structured of all levels

Pricing Varies 

What to bring - Check out our checklist and what skills we will be practising weather dependent.

You will see a number of videos, Ocean swimming checklist, note, you don't need all of this, and you will also see a number of videos of what we will cover, check them out and get a head start.

The water temp is about 16 degrees by the time we get in the water, for most people this will be very cold, so much sure you bring


Swimming Wetsuit, Thermal Cap, Thermal Socks, Thermal Gloves

Swim Cap x 2

and earplugs

Hot Water

Boil some water before you come, keep it in a water bottle, wrap it up in a towel, after your cold swim, you can squirt hot water down your wetsuit.

Your Best You

These sessions are very informal so bring a smile and a be prepared to laugh at your self.


Dan Feisst will be taking you for all clinics and will help guide you though all the steps that will help you prepare for the beach series.