Reap the benefits of stand-up paddle boarding

Enjoyment in life. Isn’t that what we all strive for? Better yet, if you can smash goals and improve your fitness at the same time, you’re really winning.

For mum, Lynn Aitken, that’s exactly what stand-up paddle (SUP) boarding at The Beach Series is all about. What started as a new and novel way for Lynn and her family to spend more time together, has resulted in a wealth of additional benefits.

From the sense of achievement in completing a race, to making new friends with fellow competitors, Lynn, along with her husband, son and son’s partner all love the “fun and healthy competition, improved fitness and quality family time”. Stand-up paddle boarding is “a great, whole body workout, great for the whole family.”

According to Lynn, the SUP events at the Beach Series, whether you attend in Takapuna or Orewa (or both) offer a rewarding experience for everyone. There is no pressure to be the best SUP-boarder in NZ, however, if you’re someone who strives for medals and improved race times, Lynn explains that it’s “easy to improve”. “You can really get into it, especially with the help and advice from the Beach Series-run  SUP skills clinics.”

The family, who all take part in the three kilometre race every Tuesday and Thursday, plan to push their skills even further this coming season with goals to increase their PB’s, master wave riding and move up in the weekly finishing ranks.

Beach Series’ owner, Nick Carroll agrees. He says, “Stand-up paddling is a great whole body work out, relying on core strength while building arm and leg strength. It’s a great way to develop balance and co-ordination too”

“We see every type of person take part in the event; young, old; in it to win; to get fit; to meet people, but overall, everyone turns up for the same reason – enjoyment.” With four set courses for the three stand-up paddle race distances (one, three and four kilometres) as well as paddle board experts, Starboard, on-site every week with rentable boards and complimentary free lessons, it’s so easy to get into SUP boarding and experience the perks for yourself.

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